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Little City CD

little city 690x492

CD with 14 original songs, recorded and mastered in studio. Released 2013. $15

  1. Valley of Heart’s Delight
  2. The Story of Your Son
  3. There’s No Home
  4. Traveling Song
  5. First Night in San Francisco
  6. You Tell Me
  7. The Complete Works of You
  8. The Outlook
  9. Grandpa Was A Mystery Man
  10. William, Old Man
  11. Super Moon
  12. Thick of It All
  13. If Not Today
  14. Little City


Little City MP3 Download Code/Bumper Sticker

little city 690x492

Download code with MP3 versions of all 14 tracks (lower quality), and bumper sticker. $10


Chasing Hurricanes CD

chasing hurricanes 690x462

5-song EP recorded in studio with full band, mp3 quality, released 2007. $7

  1. Honesty Gets Me In Trouble
  2. Chasing Hurricanes
  3. Bartholomew
  4. Orangecoat
  5. The Ballad of Rene Vallaincourt


Chasing Hurricanes MP3 Download Code/Bumper Sticker

chasing hurricanes 690x462

Download code with MP3 versions of all 5 tracks (lower quality), includes bumper sticker. $5


Combo Pack: Little City Autographed CD and Chasing Hurricanes Download Code/Bumper Sticker

little city chasing hurricanes 690x462Autographed copy of Little City and Download Code/Bumper Sticker for Chasing Hurricanes. $25